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We are a 100% Australian-owned and Operated Solar Retailer

Kenny started as an idea amongst two friends who have been working in the solar industry collectively for over 20 years. We were tired of working for companies that don’t deliver on what they promise, have no after-sales support, and don’t pride themselves on workmanship. We aim to provide each one of our customers with a purchase experience they can be confident with and a product that delivers.
Think of solar as a home. Why pay rent when you can own it? By investing in solar energy today, you are putting money back in your pocket tomorrow. Reduce or eliminate your power bills while minimizing the impact of increasing energy costs. Benefit from government rebates. – energy efficient – long-term durability – green sustainable energy.
Clean energy council-approved installers. – Local electricians only – 100 jobs worth of experience – full quality warranties.
All of our products come with performance and product warranties.


Our Efficient Solutions



Our staff has over 20 years of experience designing solar systems. We don’t just send out quotes or design the cheapest system on the market; we work with our customers to find the appropriate solution to get the best return on every system installed.


To ensure peace of mind throughout the whole solar process. Our customers are guided through the entire process by a qualified operations team with full CEC (clean energy council) accreditation from the initial consultation through to the post-sales experience. We have you covered via our Australian-based team.


All our products come with warranties, after-sales support, CEC tier 1 approved, cleaning services available upon request, and maintenance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All installations under 100kW (and systems with an annual electricity output of less than 250MWh) are eligible for Small-scale Technology Certificates, or STCs for short. You’re eligible for STCs whether you’ve previously accessed a rebate or not. It’s also not means-tested and is accessible by everyone. The solar PV system or product you purchase in order to receive STCs must adhere to the Clean Energy Council (CEC) design and install guidelines, only use panels and inverters on the CEC approved list, and comply with the relevant standards (like AS 4777), and be installed by a CEC accredited installer. Solargain meets all these requirements. In addition to STCs, your state may offer an additional rebate or program. These rebates differ between regions, so it’s worthwhile investigating what solar rebates apply in your area.

In most cases, we can make an effective system using the space available. However, it doesn’t hurt to set aside some space on the north-facing roof for at least 12 panels. A common panel these days tends to be 1.7 m x 1.0 m, so a little over 20m² for 12 panels will give you over 3 kW. However, if you want more panels and a larger system, you will need additional roof space. You’ll only lose approximately 15% of energy yield if panels are installed on the east or west (compared to north-facing panels), so we often incorporate these aspects too to make the most of the roof space you have available.

It’s often difficult to size a system on a new build as there’s no history of power usage. For this reason, we usually stick to common sizes like 3.5 kW and 6.5 kW. Note that for a single-story home, it’s just as easy to install after the build is complete. For two-story installations, we advise that you consult with us directly as it may be advantageous to complete some of the work during the build. Other things you can do to prepare to include:

  • Allowing for wall space in the garage or under eaves on a sun-free (south-facing) wall for the inverter. If this is on a cavity wall then a surface conduit can be avoided, making for a cleaner more aesthetic installation.
  • If you’re smart wiring your home, consider a data point near your inverter to ensure the monitoring devices function without any dropouts. Alternatively, ensure the WiFi signal is strong near the proposed inverter location.
  • Consider smart appliances which can be set to run at times when solar production is high. This will increase your self-consumption and the savings generated by your system, as it will help produce less excess and ensure that energy isn’t diverted to the grid or other ancillary systems.
  • The best way to save on energy costs is to reduce your consumption, so take the opportunity to build a house that is well insulated and as energy efficient as possible – it will be worth it in the long-term.
Please contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question.


Words From Our Customer

The guys at Kenny were very helpful and informative right from the start and throughout the whole process, we just received our first bill post solar install and couldn't be happier.
Rob and the crew went over and above what we expected for the price we paid. Couldn't recommend a better company to put panels on your roof!
The guys at Kenny were very helpful and informative right from the start and throughout the whole process, we just received our first bill post solar install and couldn't be happier.

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